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Mechanical engineering is one of the most fundamental engineering disciplines and includes the planning and manufacture of all production systems. The mechanical engineering department will train highly qualified engineers who can find their way around the international market with outstanding technical competence and who can easily meet the special intercultural requirements in the German-Turkish and in general in the international context.

In general, the teaching content of the mechanical engineering department covers the manufacturing technology, automotive, aerospace and plant engineering industries. In Turkey, large investments are made in these areas, which means that the demand for experts with in-depth theoretical and practical knowledge of mechanical engineering is constantly increasing. The students of the TDU will - as soon as the still planned study programs have been founded and the infrastructural possibilities are given - deepen the theoretical knowledge in laboratory exercises, have tested the implementation in practice and have a good starting point for the activities in the above-mentioned industries. Due to the close relationship between theory and practice, the range of courses offered by the TDU is unique within the Turkish university landscape.

All courses in the mechanical engineering course are held in German. The first two semesters of mathematics, computer technologies, introduction to engineering, the basics of mechanical engineering; In the following two semesters, subjects for engineering sciences such as material knowledge and thermodynamics are offered. In the next two semesters, the basics of mechanical engineering such as manufacturing processes and control are taught.


Vehicle Systems

The mechanical engineering department works together with the Technical University of Berlin. Academic decisions are made with the help of the designated coordinators. Almost a third of the training is carried out by faculty members from Germany.

Successful mechanical engineering students are trained in Germany for a semester or a month of summer school. The funding is provided by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF).

Chair: Dr. Mehmet Gökhan Gökçen
Vise-Chair: Dr. Mehmet İpekoğlu
Vise-Chair: Dr. Sibel Özenler

Fluidmechanics and Fluidmachinery: Prof. Dr. Yunus Ziya ARSLAN
Materials and Manufactuing Technology: Dr. Mehmet İPEKOĞLU
Design: Dr. Mehmet Gökhan GÖKÇEN
Machinedynamics: Dr. Mehmet İPEKOĞLU
Thermodynamics and Thermal Systems: Dr. Sibel ÖZENLER
Aerospace : Dr. Mehmet Gökhan GÖKÇEN

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